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The Art History of Neo-Dadaism

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Share the love… The art of assemblage of the post-WWII era — commonly referred to as abstract essentialism — strives to redefine the world and society in its time: break things down and build them up again it suggests this is the new meaning of

Everyone is exploding

Agile is Dead (and is Reborn)

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Share the love…When building software today it’s hard to know whom to believe or where to start. You have a vision for the product you want to see, but how do you get there and how much does it cost? There’s a lot of noise

A Small Difference That is Effective

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Share the love…User animation teacher and prophet Edward Tufte is known for saying that when the UX designer wants to call attention something on the interface, the smallest effective difference — that is, the smallest possible change — that the user will see is the

A Vision

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Share the love…In the future, intelligent apps will integrate seamlessly with our lives. Software will do all kinds of things and we’ll take it for granted: the interface scrolls smoothly, objects fade and pulse as you move between elements or steps, a series of quick-access